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Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Shah

Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic (UCP) was envisaged with an aim of community development through providing employment-oriented high quality vocational & technical education with a focus on building lifelong employability in its students to make them smart professionals of the future.

Established in the year 2013, UCP has emerged as a hub of academic excellence in engineering training. The college contributes to quality education in the major disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Science Engineering to meet the needs of industry for trained technical manpower with practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge.

Although the college is still in its infant years, yet it can boast of a successful record to its credit of presently training approximately 500 students in five different trades of Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The pass-out batches are competently serving in the industry.

Programme Offered


Placed In: KP Technology

“I chose Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic because of the many options it offered of combining academics with co curricular. There is a great sense of professionalism in the overall approach of the entire teaching staff and management of the college and the University. All of my years have been wonderful and I was able to achieve the first job of my life due to the blessings and teaching of my college without which getting such a head start in career would not have been possible.

Vishwash Kaintura

Batch: 2019-20

Placed in- Vikash Group

The initial days of the college were difficult because of the classes and the practical sessions. But soon the reward of the hard work and discipline showed when I was able to crack the interview with Gates India Ltd. and was able to jump start my career. The quality of teaching at Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic is really high and it is all due to the painstaking efforts of the members of the faculty members clubbed with the vision of the Principal who leaves no stone unturned in making the college an ideal place of learning and career building. I owe my success to my family first and then to my teachers and mentors. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the decision of joining Uttaranchal University was the best one so far in my life.

Sunil Mehra

Batch- 2017-2020,ME

Placed In: Vikash group

When I first entered Uttaranchal University I was anxious about my future. In three years so many doors have been opened for my personal and academic development that I have become absolutely confident about myself and my future. The college aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills and abilities. It, in fact, didn’t leave the attitude part behind as well. The years at Uttaranchal University were the best years with regard to learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to my faculty members. 

Ayush Gasoin

Batch: 2017-20, ME

Placed in: Gabriel Ltd

To start with, I thank my EE department and its faculty members for encouraging me to think out of the box making me having belief in my own capabilities. I appreciate the support of my university and all the faculty members for shaping my career and continuously encouraging me and investing in my personality enhancement much more than training me just on vocational skills. I got invaluable knowledge to compete with the outside world for building the career of my dreams. The quality of class room teaching is exceptional and focus on the continuous evaluation of the students is really result oriented. I thank one and all once again and I am sure the college will continue to lead many students to success in the future.

Abhijit Panwar

Batch 2016-19, EE

Placed in: Royal Enfield

A good human being, a good Diploma Engineer and a dream to achieve something big is all I hoped for when I joined Uttaranchal University. I am delighted to say that the faculty members and the staff are contributing immensely to make my dream come true. Here, I not only have the chance to develop my technical skills but also the other aspects such as the right attitude and professionalism. The faculties always inspire me to go above and beyond my capabilities. I am grateful to my faculties and the management for providing the real mentorship for my career building.

Abhisekh Seth

Batch: 2016-19, CE

Placed in: Kirloskar Ltd.

The classroom lectures finely blended with practical sessions and well supported with the internship was perfectly instrumental in making me the successful professional that I am today. I would really remember my trip to Manali where I spent the best quality time with my friends and classmates. I pay my most sincere thanks to each and every member of the faculty associated with the college because all of them have contributed in grooming me and showing me the path of future. I would like to thank Uttaranchal University for providing me such an efficient and effective life changing platform along with giving me such memorable moments for a lifetime.

Rahul Pegwal

Batch 2016-19, EE

Placed in: RDC Concrete India Ltd

For me, life in Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic Uttaranchal University has been breath-taking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me. Uttaranchal University has achieved excellence in imparting high quality education with prime focus on holistic learning and inculcating competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely.

I render my sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, mentors & coordinators and everyone in UCP family for their support and altruism. They have played a very crucial role in shaping my personality & in proving me right, in selecting Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic (UCP) over any other college.

Sunil Neuli

Batch: 2016-19, CE,

Career Achievement: Junior Engineer, SJVN

Three years of learning and stay at the college have been unforgettable. When I joined the college I had a dream of becoming Junior Engineer but there was no clarity and confidence about the path of the journey. Slowly, with each lecture and practical session I attended, the vision started becoming clearer. The faculty members supported and motivated me throughout. I owe my success to the blessings of my parents and I must admit that it is the hard work put in by the entire teaching staff and the accuracy of the grilling evaluation system of the college accompanied by the motivation provided that I was able to achieve this feat.


Deepak Rawat

Batch: 2013-16, CE

Career Achievement: Model (Myntra,Flipkart)

I can positively say Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic has made me a better person. It has developed my aptitude for becoming a successful engineering professional, has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ academic and professional development. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. 

Shubham Joshi

Batch 2015-18, CE

Placed in: RDC Concrete India Ltd

I take pride in being a student of Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic and now being an employee of a renowned company. The latter wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the former. The teaching and guidance here is just unparalleled.  It has imparted a perfect blend of technical and soft skills and made me ready for industry.  It was my honor to study under the guidance of such experienced faculties.  I was mentored throughout in studies and the way I was trained on technical skills is unique in itself. I thank my mentors and teachers for shaping my career!!!

Abhishek Rawat

Batch: 2016-19, CE,

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