Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organizes an online Workshop on JavaScript

Java Script

The Department of Computer Science Engineering, Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organized an online Workshop on “Introduction to JavaScript” in pursuance of the policy of the University and also the guidelines of UGC to make an extra effort to disseminate knowledge, not only to the students but also to the various interested members of faculty from other departments, as part of their Faculty Development Program to hone their IT skills.

The workshop was conducted in very adept way by Mr. Ajay Prasad Nautiyal on June 24, 2020 through the platform of “Google Meet”. The workshop started with a brief Welcome Message delivered by the HOD. The entire session, that lasted around 90 minutes, was highly informative and interesting as it dealt with various aspects of the technology and its practical applications.

The entire workshop was divided into two major parts, theory for the purpose of building a background of the concept and its practical application. The speaker, through his Power Point Presentation elaborated upon various aspects including history of JavaScript, how websites work, defining the fundamentals of JavaScript, inbuilt functions of JavaScript and its various practical usages in the industry related to managing database and content development for the client web pages etc.

The speaker conveyed the intricate details of this technology and explained how its knowledge can be highly helpful for the job aspirants in the industry. There was also a Practical Application Session in the workshop wherein almost thirty online participants were given live demo of the applications of the JavaScript.

There was a Question Answer Round towards the conclusion of the workshop in which many students enthusiastically got their queries resolved. The HOD, Mr. Yashwant  Bisht, presented the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Principal of Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Shah in which he appreciated the initiative of the entire CSE Department and reiterated the commitment of the college to keep progressing ahead by being the leading college in the state providing high quality technical and technological education to numerous learners.