Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organizes a Webinar on “Internet of Innovation”

Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organizes a Webinar on “Internet of Innovation”

Uttaranchal College of  Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organized a Webinar on June 25, 2020 on one of the most sought after topics, i.e., “Internet of Innovation”. The Webinar was conducted by two Subject Experts from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, namely, Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Singh, Head of Department of the Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Dr. Anita Gehlot, Associate Professor in Electronics and Communication.

The subject of the Webinar was innovative in itself as it was an amalgamation of two different disciplines of Internet of Things and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The session took off with a formal Welcome Speech extended towards the Guest Speakers by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna who gave a brief introduction of both the speakers to the participants and welcomed them wholeheartedly.

The webinar was divided into two broad sessions wherein the first session was conducted by Dr. Anita Gehlot who gave an introduction of the fundamentals of this knowledge domain along with the wide scope of the subject. During her presentation she talked about how data needs to be converted into wisdom as the wisdom attained fulfills the objective of both the student and the academician. She talked in detail about the concept of Cloud Computing which most young learners want to know about these days. Moving ahead, she informed the audience about the scope of the application of the concept and technology of Internet of Things in almost all the areas of human effort ranging from agriculture to industry and waste management.

She used multiple channels for disseminating information and knowledge which included power point presentation and videos showing their innovations like “Kawach”, “Smart Bin” and “Robot” to fight against the pandemic of COVID -19.

Taking the session further ahead Dr. Rajesh Singh gave details about use of Internet of Things in customized boards. Most importantly he stressed upon the entire process of developing an atmosphere and culture of innovation through conception of an idea and developing a multi disciplinary team and even including the students in it to finally develop the product for commercial production.

He aroused the interest of the participants by giving virtual demonstration of his award winning innovations which included OBDAS, which can be installed in cars to monitor the health of various mechanical components like coolant and engine etc. He also demonstrated another innovative product called “TAALI –DE” which is an admiration tracking device to be used during seminars etc. Then he showed the working of Robots “Ekagrah” and ‘Pratham”.

There was a Question and Answer Round towards the end of the session which finally concluded with a Vote of Thanks to both the Subject Experts and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor by the Principal of the Uttaranchal College of  Polytechnic Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Shah who said that, seeing the success and good response of the participants, the college would plan and organize more similar knowledge events for the benefit of the students in the near future.