Uttaranchal College of Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organizes a One-Day Workshop on ‘3 D Printing Technology’

Department of Electrical Engineering, Uttaranchal College of  Polytechnic, Uttaranchal University, organized a one-day Workshop on ‘3 D Printing Technology’ on 12th June, 2020 through the efforts of Event Coordinators Ms. Reetu Naudiyal and Mr. Sandeep Rawat for all the students of the college. As many as fifty students along with the members of faculty joined this online learning event. With this event the college initiated the series of workshops and online sessions scheduled to be conducted during the period of next two months through the efforts of different departments of the college.

Today’s workshop opened the horizons of a new field of knowledge that is not only highly innovative but is also exciting due to its potential applications in many fields of engineering and different other domains of human endeavor. The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Manish Nair from Delhi based company ‘3 Dexter’ in association with Mr. Prateek Aggarwal from ‘Makers Duniya’. Both the companies have been working in the field of Additive Manufacturing with a PAN India presence.

The Workshop Presentation was broadly divided into five parts. It began with the presentation of a brief profile of the company and the presenter.  The first part of the online presentation was devoted to explaining the basic concept of 3 D technology which is a part of Additive Manufacturing Technology and its future both in our country and in the international arena.

In the next section the audience was briefed about the process of ‘Fused Deposition Modeling’, ‘Common Additive Manufacturing’ along with its multi industry applications in various fields like medical, fashion, automobiles, research & development, architecture, education and many other global industries both at the micro and macro levels.

The presenter gave an online demonstration of the practical use of 3 D Printing through the use of software like ‘Sketch-up’ and also through the use of simulation technique. The use of 3 D Printing in hospitals around the world to stop the spread of infection was also demonstrated through videos.

The next section talked about the scope of huge employment in this industry and highlighted the training needs to fill the prevailing skill gap. Various global reports were also shared with the audience to give the real picture of the industry worldwide.

Before concluding a ‘Question and Answer Session’ was conducted in which many students enthusiastically put forward their queries and got replies from the experts, namely, Mr. Manish Nair and Mr. Amit Pradhan.

The Workshop concluded with the Vote of Thanks delivered by the Head of the Department Mr. Yashwant Bisht and finally by the Principal of the College Dr. S. K. Shah who thanked the Guest Speakers for sharing invaluable knowledge with the students.